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Tobermory Harbour: Tugs by Night August 25, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Shipwrecks.
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For our last dive of the day on August 15th, 2009, Roger and I decided to go on a shallow night dive to find the old tugs. The entry point is only a couple of hundred yards down from our motel so I put on my wet suit in  my room and drove down with the rest of my equipment ready to go in the trunk of my car.

The air was still warm as it was one of the nicest weekends of the summer (although that isn’t saying much this summer), and the shallow waters we were diving were quite warm enough. Roger wore a hood but I didn’t bother. If I’d done a second dive I would have needed one but for a single dive, even a relatively long one, I was fine.

We first decided to head north, towards what I think is the Alice G., a steamer with some intact equipment and well preserved wooden rails. On the way out, we went too deep to around 40′ and there wasn’t much to see except for a few old poles, so we turned around ascending up the wall to 15-20′ and soon ran into the wreck. We spent quite some time there examining every inch of it. At night you tend to focus on the fine detail you can see in the path of the dive light rather than taking in the entire scene.

After our detailed look, we headed south past the entry point to find the other wreckage, where there was more fish to be seen but less in the way of interesting machinery. Still, there was lots to see, although I didn’t make any detailed notes about the layout and composition of the wrecks. Perhaps I’ll leave that to a future project. My main goal was to get another dive in, and to rack up another night dive as I’ve done relatively few of them.

We headed back north at about 10′ depth and when I felt we’d gone about far enough I popped my head above the water to see Roger’s wife standing on the deck about 30′ away. Perfect ending to a nice dive. 56 minutes in 20C (68F) water.



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