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Keystorm Error August 27, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Shipwrecks, Technical Diving.
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This post comes as kind of a confession. I know that many of my diving friends read this so it’s not easy to write this down, but it’s in my log book so it deserves to go here. Almost a year has gone by since it happened . I even left it out of my previous confession called 10 stupid things I’ve done when Scuba Diving.

I’ll get the hard part over with first. We were doing a technical dive with Brad, Pete, Rich, and Dave on the Keystorm. Dave, Pete and I were down by the props at around 110’+, when we took Pete (already certified as a technical diver) through valve shutdown drills. Dave signalled me to check the status of Pete’s valves after he ran through the drills to make sure that they were open. This is simplicity itself. The valves on each end of a manifold work in opposite directions. Opening is twisting counterclockwise, which comes as naturally to me as eating because I’ve done it so often.

A few minutes later, to my astonishment, we discovered that Pete’s alternate valve was shut. What bothers me the most is I have no idea why. It was a routine check and I can’t conceive of doing it wrong, but the evidence was in plain sight, even though I was sure I’d done it correctly. Maybe the knob was shut tight and I didn’t use enough force to open it, or maybe I was narked and just got it wrong. I’ll never know. My most hopeful speculation is that Pete rolled it shut while swimming in a partially enclosed spot on the wreck, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part. It taught me to be more mindful when I do this kind of thing, though. Fortunately nothing further came of it than my own embarrassment.

The rest of the dive was uneventful, with a few minutes of deco on EAN80 at the end after reaching a maximum depth of 118′.  Water temperature was 22C.



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