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A Better Dive on the America August 28, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Shipwrecks.
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After my embarrassment on the Keystorm, later that day on August 31st, 2008, I looked forward to a more positive experience on the other dive on the American side, which was on the America, using the air that remained in our doubles (1500 PSI for me).  We didn’t take deco gas with us on this dive, so we planned to keep it within no decompression limits, or at least close.

Once again with Dave and Pete, we headed down the slightly complex sequence of lines to the wreck. If ever you dive there, make note of the layout of the lines, so you come up in the right place. We ended up going the wrong way near the end of dive, although we realized our mistake and backtracked. We almost did the same thing on the same wreck this year, but I had picked out a landmark at the intersection and chose the right path.

After penetrating the wreck a couple of times, and seeing the furnace, some white brick, and so forth (missing some machinery, that would have required me to look up, which I didn’t do), we followed a line out and away from the wreck on the opposite side from the entry point towards Singer Island. There was nothing much there.

Pete was cold and we were getting near our NDL so we headed back out after 37 minutes of bottom time. With a maximum depth of 76 feet and average considerably lower, we didn’t require any deco and I was back on the dive boat with 900 PSI still in the tanks.



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[…] US entry took about 15 minutes, mostly because the other boat was slow. It was also right about then I realized I’d left the keys in the Highlander which was parked back and Caiger’s, but I had to put that out of my mind. We had the same agent as the day before, known to me only by his name tag (“Rufa”), who I’d also seen on trips in other years.  He had seen all of us the previous day and actually smiled, and noting we were planning to dive the Jodrey, encouraged us to return to Canada alive. After discharging the recreational divers it was a short chug upriver to get to the dive site, right next to the US Coast Guard station. The others went in the opposite direction to the Keystorm and America. […]


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