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Reel Recovery – Part 2 September 1, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Equipment.
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Lawrence hadn’t misled us. He took us back to the very spot where we’d left the reel lying on the bottom of the St. Lawrence, and positioned the boat so we could enter the water slightly upstream of it, giving us time to get to the bottom as we passed over it. To find the position he used his depth sounder and the angles to various landmarks. If we hadn’t been in fresh water we could have called him an old salt.

Four of us, Rich, Dave, Brad and I lined up on the back of the boat with our doubles on and our BCs completely empty so we’d sink as fast as possible. Father and son team Ken and Ryan were ready to enter right behind us in their recreational gear. When we plunged in, we swam hard downwards until we reached the bottom.

It turned out we were running along a ridge (which is how Lawrence identified the spot on his depth sounder) and while Brad and Rich stayed close to 100′, Dave and I went past 130′ (me to 136′). Within seconds, Brad and Rich passed over the reel and retrieved it (each claimed to have found it), and we all gathered together and ascended quickly for a safety stop, which curiously we did at 30′.

My respect for Lawrence’s navigation skills escalated tremendously on that dive, as he’d put us on a very small spot with great accuracy on a very large and fast moving river. Satisfied, we headed for the docks and then for the 3 1/2 hour drive home. Total dive time was 10 minutes.

Here is a log from my dive computer showing our rapid plunge: Reel Recovery.  It was only about 90′ per minute but really seemed fast in person – it really felt like commando stuff doing such a well timed plunge on a specific mission to recover a lost object in the middle of a shipping channel.

This now ends a phase of my blog which started from my first post about my first dive. The next dive in sequence was on September 28th, 2008 when I helped out with an open water class at Big Bay Point. The three main threads of the blog up to now have been current diving, past diving, and dive commentary. The end of past diving has now caught up with the beginning of current diving, so there are now only 2 threads left. The dog has finally caught its tail.

That leaves me a little behind in my current dive log. I have done an advanced class a little while ago, and will be diving Brockville again on the Labour Day weekend so there’s no shortage of material. I hope that during the winter months I still have something to say!



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