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Shearwater Research Desktop V0.9.3 September 3, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment, Technical Diving.
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I’ve got my hands on a beta version of the Shearwater Research Desktop. They sent a copy to my dive shop after we bought 5 units just at the point where Shearwater was having issues with their logging software suppliers, having promised to write their own and provide it to us. The first copy I received contained source code, and then the next day I got a binary version with an installer that is considerably more useful.

Installation was simple. No questions were asked and it just appeared in my programs menu (I’m running Windows XP). After launch, I set it to receive logs from my Shearwater Pursuit and it loaded 14 logs in a couple of minutes. After that, I could provide some annotation (about a dozen items) and view graphs of depth vs. time, O2,  N2 and He absorption, water temperature and deco stops.

So far it’s pretty cool. The graphs are coloured, and you can point to any spot on the graph and see the values, and can turn each item on and off individually. I wish though, that the text describing each item was coloured the same as the graph, so I wouldn’t have to either point to the line or turn the item off and on again to identify which one it is.

I found the N2 and O2 absorption a little confusing. While I’ve not set my computer to anything higher than a 50% O2 mix, I’ve seen the O2 absorption exactly double the N2. It is listed in ATA so I would expect that the partial pressure would be shown, and with EAN50 the PPO2 can’t exceed the PPN2.

The other thing I’ve noticed while diving and am reminded by the logging program is that often the Pursuit will finish the deco at a 20′ or even 30′ stop. I find that a bit strange and have mentioned it in the Rebreather World Forum to see if Shearwater has a explanation for it. It might take a while as I hear the Shearwater folks are in the Caymans.

The other enhancement I’m looking for is the ability to print logs. It isn’t there right now so there’s screen viewing only. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.



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