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Brockville Dive Weekend September 8, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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After a very rainy summer that never really got started, we finally have some good weather to show for ourselves, and what better time than our annual excursion to Brockville, Ontario to dive the shipwrecks in St. Lawrence River. Shipwrecks abound here, and there is one called the Keystorm almost directly in front of our motel. Unfortunately it is on the US side and since shortly after the September 11th, 2001 attacks we now have to motor all the way to US customs and immigration at Boldt Castle then back to the wreck, with a similar journey to pass through Canadian customs on the way back, wasting time, money and fuel. This year, the Canadians have started attending returning boats in person instead of allowing radio calls further adding to the hassles.

Other things are different this year. The crowd has been slowly changing and some of the people who used to come regularly aren’t here. I’m also an instructor now, so I’m learning to balance my fun dives with instruction.

The weather promised to be beautiful (and since I’m now back while finishing this post, I can say that it was the best Labour Day Weekend weather I’ve seen in years.



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