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Some personal rules for Technical Diving September 11, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Technical Diving.
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Everyone’s view of this is different, and mine changes and evolves, but this is my incomplete list so far. Some are I think too obvious to mention, and others too close to home, and those are left out. Here goes. This is what I’ve learned so far, and I’m sure some of it is wrong (see point #1).

  • Stay humble
  • Keep gear as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  • Check over the gear carefully and completely before every deco dive
  • Control your breathing
  • Memorize a basic worst case deco schedule.
  • Develop of good understanding of decompression theory so you can make the best of a bad situation when you can’t deco like you’ve planned.
  • Keep everything tidy at all times, especially when moving from one phase of the dive to another.
  • Take your time, especially at depth
  • Think about what could go wrong, and what to do about it, don’t deviate from the dive plan unless you either have no choice or have a backup plan to handle the situation.
  • Know your gasses and their MODs. I use the rich right rule. Even if I have only 1 gas, if I’m carrying EAN50 it will be on my left. EAN80 on my right. People look at me funny when I put the single tank on the same side as my reel. I can live with that.
  • Know exactly how your computer works in every respect
  • Dive any new equipment shallow before you dive it deep, especially computers.
  • If I only carry one deco gas it’s going to be EAN50. Good balance between deep MOD and decompression time.
  • No non-trivial dive is perfect. Write anything that goes wrong or you do wrong in your log book. Be honest with yourself.


1. deepstop - September 11, 2009

The one exception to my MOD50 rule above may be when the shallow deco is less safe or comfortable than the deep. If the last stop has to be at 20′ I might be more inclined to consider EAN80, or O2 at 15′.


2. psuscubaguy - September 11, 2009

Great set of rules, thanks for sharing.


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