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Brockville 2009, Kinghorn September 18, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Shipwrecks, Training.
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Being about the 8th time I’ve had the pleasure of diving this wreck, there’s not much of a story to this dive. Shannon, my advanced open water student, did her Nitrox dive, and I’d already been through the knowledge review and the measurement of the contents of her tank. As she had a Nitrox compatible computer (my Apeks Quantum) I didn’t have to directly supervise the dive, so I went down separately but kept an eye on things from time to time while there.

Brad was still training Chris for the Tec Deep course, and he was doing drills and dropping and picking up stage bottles just like I’d done two years earlier. Not anticipating the need to do any decompression on the dive, I left my little bottle of deco gas on the deck near the bow and swam drifted to the stern along the port side, meeting up with Shannon and Rory along the way.

The light was fairly dim and I saw Brad and Chris head up after only a few minutes as they’d done what they’d set out to do. I went inside the wreck for a minute and the water was very clear, but as everyone was leaving I didn’t think it prudent to hang around. I hadn’t seen Rory and Shannon head up so I took a tour around the wreck alone to make sure everyone was gone and then headed up myself with only a safety stop to do. At 22 minutes this was about the shortest dive I’ve ever done on the Kinghorn, reaching a depth of 89 feet.



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