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Brockville 2009, Muscallonge September 24, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log, Shipwrecks, Training.
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This wreck is right in front of the town of Brockville, not that far from shore. The line down from the buoy is at a very shallow angle, making for a long pull against the current, which wasn’t so bad at the beginning of the dive, on September 6th, 2009.

This time I had a student, Shannon, who was getting some dives in for her advanced open water course. The dive is reasonable simple, colour comparison, gauge comparison, optional tour and safety stop. We picked an area to do the drills in a reasonably current free area, and got through them quickly, after some confusion about the signals (asking for air left vs. depth). During this confusion I noticed Shannon with a big smile behind the regulator mouthpiece, and was unsure if she was amused by the confusion, confused by narcosis at 90′, or a bit of both. Eventually we got through everything and we all (including Rory, DM in training) had lots of air so we toured around the wreck for a while.

It’s really broken up, but has a fair amount of machinery to look at. During the dive, the current picked up dramatically and I was grateful for the line along the bottom that lead to the buoy line, otherwise we would have had an interesting struggle to catch it in a free ascent. It was definitely a dive that required good handholds in the exposed places.

The bottom time was short, only 20 minutes, but Shannon used very little air so I was pleased with her gas consumption and composure at depth. My own consumption was 1100 PSI but I was diving my doubles, so she did better than me.



1. Jacqui Lysko - September 24, 2009

Send us a story – we would love to put one in the Brockville Voice!


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