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How to Reset an Apeks Quantum October 22, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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Somebody searched for this question and it’s an easy answer so here it is.

There’s a grey button on the back of the unit. Find something pointy but not sharp and use it to hold the button down for a second or two. There, you’ve done it.

But wait, you’ve just reset your computer. You will have to reset the time (press the mode button until you get to the TIME screen, and then use the left and right buttons to set the time – unless you’re over eighty you should be able to guess how to do this).

You will also have to set your computer to Imperial from Metric if that’s the way you dive. Use  the MODE button to go to the DIVE screen, and hold both the left and right buttons down for about 5 seconds to move from Metric to Imperial.

That’ll do it. You’ll have to reset your alarm preferences and enter your gas mixes as well if that’s what you need. You may also want to set it to fresh water from salt (also on the DIVE screen), and if you’re like me and using it with tables from DIVE to GAGE mode.  Logged dives will not be erased.



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