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New Shearwater Desktop Software November 13, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment, Technical Diving.
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I just downloaded and installed Version 0.9.9 . I was wondering why it wasn’t released as Version 1, but found out the next day that Version 1 had been released. The first snag I ran into was trying to move the dives from my beta version 0.9.3 to the current version didn’t work.

Reloading worked fine, although dives 1 and 2 are lost as I’d exceeded the maximum of 32. New features appear to be dive export and print. I was disappointed that a double-click on the list of dives doesn’t bring up the details like it did in the beta version. Not sure why that was taken out. You have to go to the menu bar and select “dive graph” to see it.

The Print function is a definite improvement over doing screen grabs like I’ve used in the past for this blog. It puts the graph at the top of the page and the details at the bottom, which I think is a nice layout. I printed one of my dives to PDF for your amusement. One minor nuisance is that you have to save you details before they’ll show up in the print function.

Dive 27

As for the export function I have no real use for it, but it will spit all the data from the log in either csv or xml formats, just in case there’s some useful analysis to perform on it. Here’s a piece of the xml detail.


You can see that I’m in mandatory deco (NoDeco=0) and that I’m breathing EAN71 and the water temperature is 71 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m currently on the 20′ stop at an actual depth of 26′. Some of the information here, like the mix, is recorded in the details but not accessible through the program’s user interface. I would have liked the breathing gases to be recorded. The details allow you to enter the breathing gas (presumably the back gas) manually. The software however is quite useful and is also a free download, so I’m willing to wait for all my favourite features.

There’s also a header record that shows about 25 parameters like the start time, start and end battery voltage, and other things.

An odd thing about the dive list is that when I did my download, dives 34 and 35 were at the top of the list, which 3-33 followed them in numerical order. I’m not sure why, but I wonder whether it’s a reflection of how the dives are stored in the computer. However, clicking once on the dive # column header set them up in their proper order, while clicking again puts them in reverse order.



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