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More on Google Picasa December 9, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Photography.
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Another 24 hours of crunching through photographs (this time hardwired into my NAS box, so it ran perhaps 5-10 times faster) got through a good portion of my high resolution photograph archive with success. The only additional problem encountered is that I was cleaning up some of my podcast files (managed by iTunes) which were no longer needed on my C drive, and now Picasa can’t be persuaded to forget about them no matter what I try. Once the initial inventory of photographs is complete I’ll try again, which I think will take at least another 24 hours.

With the faster connection to the disk, Picasa is much more responsive, without the ghastly 10-15 minute waits I was experiencing with the Wifi connection. Still they’re a minute or two but I can live with that considering the size of the files.

Classifying all the faces takes quite a while. I think it works better if I leave it alone for a while as it seems to eventually get around to processing the files and identifying the faces automatically well after it has made the picture available for viewing.

I also found out there some APIs available to extend the functionality of Picasa. I doubt I’ll ever do that but it’s good to see. Perhaps someone will eventually do a fish ID module. That would be cool.



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