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Strange Connections December 11, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Photography.
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I spoke to some of my work colleagues about Google Picasa, the topic of my previous two posts. One of things I predicted, somewhat in just, was a good probability of finding someone in one my photos who I didn’t know at the time but do now. This has indeed happened.

It would have been very surprising if this was in the background of a photo taken while on a trip to another country, but so far that’s not the case. What I did find was a picture I took at the Comdex Canada trade show in downtown Toronto in 1992. Michael was talking to someone at the Hewlett Packard booth (at the time a competitor, now the owner of the company I worked for at the time) when I took the shot.

In the review of the 1700 or so unknown faces that Picasa picked up, I saw it. Michael hired me in 1999 to the company I still work for, although he left in 2006. Strange the 7 years after I took the photo, we would finally meet.

My photos are all indexed now, and I’m getting through all the faces that I recognise. There are lots that I don’t, of course, and plenty where I don’t remember the names although knew them at one time. Every once in a while one comes back to me after staring at the picture for long enough. I also upgraded to version 3.6, although it hasn’t made much difference so far.



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