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Promotion December 22, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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I certified 3 new divers on my recent trip to the Florida Keys. One was an advanced open water diver and two were in the deep specialty. This allowed me to upgrade my PADI status to Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT), catching up with my fellow instructors.

One benefit of MSDT are that you can apply directly to PADI for specialty instructor ratings, which I did immediately for everything for which I qualified. I’ve heard of instructors doing this without the necessary 20 dives “in the specialty” but I’ve been honest. The biggest temptation was night diving, of which I’ve done a limited amount but have more experience in equivalently dark surrounding during daylight hours. Some of the ratings seem more in the “card collector” category but others will be useful as long I can find students. I’m looking forward to teaching underwater navigation for instance, as this is one of the key diving skills.

MSDT is also a prerequisite for some other things, most notably technical diving instruction. I’ve a long way to go in this, having to act as an assistant to another instructor, getting a few more Nitrox/Deep certifications, and some more deep staged decompression dives in but it will all come together in a year or two I think.

So at any rate I’ve now earned 14 specialty instructor ratings, which are:

  1. Deep Diver
  2. Digital U/W Photographer
  3. Drift Diver
  4. Dry Suit Diver
  5. Enriched Air
  6. Emergency Oxygen Provider
  7. Wreck Diver
  8. AWARE Fish ID
  9. Boat Diver
  10. Multilevel Diver
  11. U/W Naturalist
  12. U/W Navigator
  13. Search & Recovery Diver
  14. U/W Photographer

Some of the dives I used to qualify for Navigation and Search & Recovery Diver were looking for things I’d lost on the bottom of the Lake.



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