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What’s been keeping me busy December 30, 2009

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Photography.
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My regular readers, bless all 2 of them, may have noticed my posts have been dropping off. Aside from the Canadian Winter, it’s been the organization of my photographs that’s been taking up my time lately, and some attempted organization of my life.

I’ve found Picasa 3.6 to be a terrific tool for organizing my electronic photo library, and am now back to scanning old prints until all of them are backed up on my RAID 1 NAS storage unit.  The upload capability not only works with Picasa Web, but add-ons are available for Facebook, Geni, and other social networking and web tools.

Facebook, which should require no explanation, is where I hang out with my dive buddies, some old work and school friends, and a couple of family members. Putting my latest dive pictures on Facebook is as simple as connecting the camera to the computer, allowing Picasa to import, selecting the photos and clicking the Picasa Facebook icon.

Similarly, I started a family tree project on Geni several years ago. This has now spread to thousand of people, about 100 of whom have used the site to add or view the relatives. Pictures attract the most participation from other family members, so Picasa’s ability to organize the photos by person is invaluable. Geni is still trying to get the uploader to work properly, and have made some progress lately. The one outstanding item is that currently you have to load 1 photo at a time.

Weather permitting, I’ll be taking my last dive of 2009 tomorrow. Air temperature should be 2 degrees, and the water won’t be much warmer than that.



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