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Divefilm HD February 22, 2010

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Diving Books and Films.
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I’ve been wiring my house for data lately, which is a project I started several years ago but hadn’t completed due to lack of a real purpose. The purpose arrived over the holidays when I ordered a Western Digital WDTV Live box. This tiny little unit accepts 100mbit Ethernet and connects to any network shares it finds, which for me is a storage device that I use for all my home stuff like music, video and photos. The box will output any of these media on to a high definition TV with HDMI or component outputs.

I’ve subscribed to a podcast called Divefilm HD which has nice semi-professional HD video of various cool dive spots. Even my non-diving wife was impressed with the quality of the video on the television. The files are big, about 60mb each for a few minutes of video, but as a podcast they can be set to download in the background and disk space is cheap (60mb is less than a penny’s worth these days).