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Cozumel Tomorrow February 11, 2011

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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14 days in Cozumel, at least 7 of them diving. Can’t wait!!



1. Scuba Stew - February 11, 2011

That sounds like a lot of fun, I cannot wait to get the chance to dive Cozumel. Would be a huge change from California waters.


Chris Sullivan - February 11, 2011

It’s my fourth trip. I only dove California once at Catalina Island. You’re right – it was colder than I expected especially for the early fall. I wasn’t all that comfortable in a 6mm wet suit with hood and gloves. In Cozumel I use a 3mm full wet suit and I’m never cold, even with two 1 hour dives.

At this time of year, where I live, you need a chain-saw to go diving.


2. Scuba Stew - February 11, 2011

Just read your report on Catalina. I did my first 4 cert dives at Casino Point in Avalon. I’m getting more comfortable with the 7mm setup, can’t imagine how nice it will feel to have a rash guard on and some shorts and go diving. Oh and all the weight that I won’t have to carry on me will be a blessing.

I’m 100% California blood, I think its cold when its 70 and the wind is blowing. I can’t even begin to fathom how cold it must get in the rest of the US, especially this time of year with the crazy weather the east coast is having.

Anyway, hope you have a great trip in Cozumel, I will be waiting to read a report and see some pics if you get any.


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