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Cozumel Day 2 – Camera Trouble February 25, 2011

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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Got behind on my logbook for a while so I can’t tell you much about this dive. It was at Paso Del Cedral, which was a nice drift dive. I must have not put the camera in its cradle correctly the night before as the battery died shortly into this, the second dive of the day. From then on I started taking the battery out and charging separately and had no further problems, at least when I remembered to bring the camera back from the boat. So only 1 picture for the dive, a nice close-up of a crab.

A lot of the dives in Cozumel are arranged (at least by my shop, Blue XT Sea Diving) to get shallower so we can have a nice long multi-level dive. Often then end up over sandy areas so we always keep a look out for Rays. This dive didn’t really have a safety stop as it just got shallower as time went by. From a maximum of 57 feet the dive lasted 69 minutes for me, a bit more for Grunt & Jackie. We were rewarded with the sighting of a Spotted Eagle Ray, although I have no photo for reasons cited above.



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