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Hard to imagine February 28, 2011

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Training.
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This story of a the death of a 28 year-old woman is troubling. As with most stories like this, there aren’t enough facts to really form an opinion. The woman was with an instructor in Fiji, but the instructor surfaced without her. She was later recovered and her boyfriend tried to revive her. It doesn’t mention what she was doing with the instructor or how many other divers were with them. Based on the article, one might wonder:

  1. How could an instructor lose track of a student in the clear waters of Fiji?
  2. Why wasn’t the EFR trained instructor involved in the resuscitation?

PADI is investigating and well they should, at least based on this story.

After writing this I noticed another story this time describing the instructor as a “dive master”, and that he surfaced to change cylinders. If she was with a buddy, and was sufficiently experienced, that just might have been reasonable if conditions were good. But the article goes on to describe strong currents. This one also reports that the boyfriend gave CPR rather than the “dive master”, which is odd.

Goes to show that precision reporting on dive accidents doesn’t occur in the mainstream press.



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