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Cozumel 2011 Day 5 – Dalila Mountains March 6, 2011

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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Sometimes I think they make up the names of these sites just so we don’t get bored. I’ve never heard of this one but it did feature vertical outcroppings of Coral that were enjoyable to swim around and true to the name of the site. Sheri still had some buoyancy problems but fared better overall, although she didn’t figure out that she was hitting her backup second stage purge button rather than the deflator button until the safety stop.

For marine life this was a really cool dive. Turtles were plentiful, and on two occasions, like the one in this photo, they were accompanied by large Grey Angel Fish. We had a decent current so I didn’t have time to get as low as I would have liked for this photo, so it blends a little too much into the background.

Once again, we found at least one juvenile Spotted Drum. Perhaps they’re too easy to spot because the Juveniles far outnumbered the adults as far as I could tell. Maybe it’s the time of year. Even with the shutter lag I managed to frame this one satisfactorily. It’s really just a matter of luck since I can’t anticipate which way they will turn next.

Another Juvenile Spotted Drum

The high point of the dive was at the end, unfortunately after Sheri and Lee had surfaced, when we drifted past an Eagle Ray feeding on bottom. I tried not to scare it but it took off as I drifted by about 8 feet away, but afterwards Jackie said that it returned to same spot almost immediately. Seeing the Eagle Ray at the end of the dive is quite common, I think because the dives often end over sandier areas than the reefs on which they start. This should be encouragement to control your breathing and stay in shape.



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