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Cozumel 2011 Day 6 – Palancar Caves March 8, 2011

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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Lee and Sheri had been diving all weekend,  while I spent quality time with my non-diving wife, and so Sheri’s experience doubled as a result and she was a better diver for it. We were also joined by Glenn and his daughter Christine – both good divers. They were with me for the rest of the week and continued on after I left.

Our maximum depth for this popular spot was 102’, but a good part of the dive was shallow so I had 54 minutes of bottom time and wasn’t far from the reef even on the safety stop as some of the Coral heads were as shallow as 20’ at the end, although the visibility dropped to 30-40’. The dive log shows that I had a small deco obligation for part of the dive but it cleared quite early.

Dive Log from Shearwater Predator

We saw various forms of wildlife including several turtles, crabs and lobster. Palancar Caves is also known for its swim-throughs and we conquered several on the dive. Both Glenn and Christine had recently done cavern certifications and their buoyancy was excellent and they frog kicked for the most part, so I didn’t mind following them through the narrow passageways. They were kind enough to offer to let me go ahead of them so I could see better, as they were concerned they were churning up the environment, which they weren’t.

During the surface interval I ran into Blanca, who worked for Blue XT Sea on my last visit but had established her own outfit “Blue Project” in the interim. Her boat was parked in the same spot as ours so I went over and said hello. I also found out that Arturo had gone free-lance, and have seen references to him working with Blanca on their web site.



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