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Cozumel 2011 Day 6 – La Francesa March 9, 2011

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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As we were heading to the dive site Sheri was having trouble with her computer. It was stuck in navigation mode (it having a built-in compass) and she couldn’t get it back to dive mode. As it was air-integrated, that meant she had no submersible pressure gauge, leaving her unable to dive. Pedro tried for a minute but gave up as he had no experience with that kind of computer. He and Mago were busily pulling out the spare reg and trying to figure out if they could attach it to the “Air 2” style inflator hose, while I played with the computer. First I tried every button and nothing happened. Then I tried holding each one down for several seconds and still nothing happened. Finally I tried combinations of buttons and hit the jackpot when I pressed the left and right button at the same time. It popped back into the correct mode, they changed back to her own regulator, and we went for our dive.

This spot, the “French Lady” in English, also had lots of swim throughs but was shallower than Palancar Caves with a maximum depth of 74’. Most of these have considerably less marine life that the reefs that they penetrate, but this time we saw some lobsters and crabs hiding withing. A small Nurse Shark slept under a ledge and passed by a huge Green Moray which I didn’t photograph.

Sleeping Nurse Shark

Huge is hard to convey in photographs anyway without some reference object. I would have had a hard time convincing one of the other divers to hold his or her hand near its mouth to make for a better-scaled photo. We also saw lots of blue tangs around, far more than any other dive in Cozumel.

La Francesa has never been my favourite reef, but sometime I just go with the flow and let others decide where to dive.



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