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Cozumel 2011 Day 7 – Columbia Shallow March 11, 2011

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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I had marked this reef in my log book as one of my favourites. We had a shortened surface interval of 48 minutes as this dive maxes out at 30’. We didn’t go to the beach this time and simply tied of on a buoy about a half mile from the beach.  There were too many shallow reefs to attempt a landing. That arrangement was fine with me, but Christine asked the next day to land on the beach so she could sunbathe. Since I would end up in hospital if took in a lot of direct sun it didn’t matter to me.

It’s a nice thing that Blue XT Sea doesn’t mind long dives (even though Pedro always announces 60 minutes as the limit) as I was under for 75 minutes this time. There is lots of life on this reef, although I remember it being a bit less turbid the last time I visited it. Still, it’s a great dive and we saw several Yellow Stingrays, A Juvenile Spotted Drum, and several turtles. There were also lots of lobsters hiding under ledges.

Yellow Stingray - Columbia Shallow

Some things I didn’t see on any other dive including a Sand Diver (although I saw one when I was snorkeling of the beach at the hotel) and Flamingo Tongue Snails.

Sand Diver

Flamingo Tongue Snail

We also saw a decent sized Nurse Shark sleeping in a crevice. This one had a Remora (or something along those lines) snoozing along with it.

Nurse Shark



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