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Deco Pastimes March 12, 2011

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Technical Diving.
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I’ve been cruising around other diving blogs a bit today and came across this one on Dave Harmon’s blog about using eBook readers underwater. Would this be useful on a decmpression stop? I’d say yes, but the technology to also carry a large touch screen tablet on a dive that requires a long deco stop would be hard to achieve. A case just for the much smaller iPod costs $324, but I think the real problem is having to store it and fiddle around with it on a technical dive, especially when decompressing in a current either drifting on a line or holding on to something. What might be cool is to have a deco kit hanging from the descent line to leave there for the return journey. Hopefully it would still be there when you got back.

In the St. Lawrence River, where some of my deco stops are hanging on to rocks (same in Tobermory on the Forest City wreck), my favourite pastime is feeding Zebra mussels to the Gobies. Once they figure out what you’re doing you can get a big crowd of them waiting to pounce. Nothing to assemble or carry, or get flooded and cost you big bucks. I know about this, I went snorkelling with my wife’s almost brand new iPod in the pocket of my swimming trunks. Ouch!

Thanks for asking David!



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