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The Healthful Effects of Deep Diving September 5, 2012

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Fitness and Nutrition, Technical Diving.
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Maybe just diving in general. Mind you, I’m speaking subjectively with a sample size of one, so statistically this means absolutely nothing.

In the days leading up to last weekend’s diving, I was wondering if I was starting to get too old for the technical diving I’m doing. I’ve had issues with a torn meniscus (makes my knee a little stiff), and some days I get up and don’t feel 100%. When I left for Brockville on Saturday morning I felt OK, but I was a little edgy, and wondered if I should be diving at all, especially the 170′ fast current drift dive in dark water with limited visibility.

I’m glad I did. When I got out of the water I felt great and still feel great writing this today. What I really needed was a good dose of Adrenalin and Nitrogen Narcosis to shake off the stress of my life on the earth’s surface.



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