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Another Apeks Quantum Failure September 9, 2012

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Equipment.
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My replacement Apeks Quantum failed less than a year after I received it. It’s great that I get a new one but it costs about $60 in shipping and handling each time so it’s getting to be pretty irritating. This time, it decided to start eating batteries. I noticed at the beginning of summer it needed a new battery even though it was only about 6 months old. Then again on last weekend’s dive it was too weak to dive it. I happened to have a brand new replacement with me and used it on the next day’s dive on the Oconto, but on the surface interval it was obviously dying again so I didn’t use it on the Kinghorn later than day and took it to Divetech where they said it could be replaced for another $60.

I think when I get the replacement I’ll sell it to someone who doesn’t read this blog and maybe even spring for the new Shearwater Petrel. That would give me two functionally identical computers and I would no longer need to carry decompression tables.

Apparently the Quantum is made by Seiko, and is also rebranded under several other manufacturers’ names including Dive-Rite, although though don’t seem to carry it any more but have a 3-gas model that looks similar. The Tusa Hunter looks identical, but the Cressi Archimede II is a bit more stylish but recognizably the same design. Cressi always seems to be more stylish if you’re into that –  I’m not – and their motto is “Scuba Diving in Style”.

I’ve reset more bent Quantums (or equivalents) than I can count, usually because the diver using it as a backup computer didn’t figure out how to switch to the deco gas. That happened to me once too. The trick is to hold the left button down for longer than you think is necessary. If you don’t hold it down long enough, it will switch back to your back gas.

The other Quantum trick is that after a reset it goes into metric. If you dive in Imperial units you need to go to the DIVE/GAGE screen and hold the left and right buttons down for 5 or more seconds.



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