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Why I love Cozumel September 10, 2012

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Dive Log.
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I find Cozumel hard to beat, even after the big hurricane of 2005 ripped up the reef.

  1. Protected Marine Park -> lots o’ fish, including the fabulous spotted Eagle Ray.
  2. Currents from mild to ripping -> easy ride along the reef
  3. Reef close to the island -> more diving, less waiting
  4. Lots of dive operators -> good prices & great service. The only one I’ve used there is Blue XT Sea diving.

My experience on land has been pretty limited since I rarely left the resort, except to go diving. I’m not into late nights in bars or buying trinkets. There was very little hassling of the tourists that I saw, but I might have been insulated from it.

The worst thing I’ve seen there is the taxi hustle at the airport. If you are on a package with transportation included, you have to run a gauntlet of taxi drivers inside the small terminal to go outside and find your ride. They won’t let the tour operators inside the terminal, so the taxi drivers prey on the ignorance of arriving tourists by intercepting them before they find their hotel shuttle.

You can also drink the water there, at least on the resort. I doubt I’ll be back for a couple of years. We went there several times in a row and decided we needed a change.



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