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Trouble with a Hollis Harness July 25, 2013

Posted by Chris Sullivan in Uncategorized.
This started on Hollis’ Facebook Page. The first 3 messages here were consolidated soon after into an email sent on September 4th, 2012.
Email from my dive team member
Hello Hollis,My HTS rig almost killed me this weekend.I was on a 180′ deco dive in the St Lawrence on the Oconto, and my top wing nut mount came completely out of my harness and freed the top of my twin 98cuft Faber tanks on ascent to deco@40.If I was not diving Hogarthian with my long hose around my valves and neck I would have lost my tanks completely in the strong current. I then would have shot to the surface for you to read about in the dive blogs with my tec team ranting about Hollis for the rest of their lives.

My concern is this:
After looking at the rig very carefully with several PADI tec-50+ instructors and divers, we discovered that the material around the grommet holes is thin and shoddy. A simple heavy ring of Danier or even rubberised material to prevent the ENTIRE grommet assembly from tearing completely out of the harness without notice.

We, as a safety concious tec-team, are considering creating a fix and contacting all of our known Hollis distributors and suggesting our beliefs of this concern and how to rectify this possibly serious safety concern.I often leave my kit set up for weeks at a time so excessive wear can’t contribute to this or I will have to say that a 150 dive limit tech harness is a complete waste of money and would obtain one from a different manufacturer to preserve my life and extend my dive career.I am a PADI divemaster/tec-50 diver who has had that HTS on for 183 dives. I work within a dive group who has trained more than 10000 Padi certs in 14 years.I would like your assistance with returning my harness to active duty without having to engineer my own backyard fixes.


First Reply (on Facebook)
Hollis Gear
Rob, feel free to email us directly at info@hollisgear.com. We are first thankful that you are OK. Second and only question we have would be on configuration of your system as this is not typical. Were you using the HTS stabilizer plates for diving doubles? The grommet and immediately surrounding material are not load bearing when using this accessory. It is the only way to dive doubles with the HTS harness. Please email us so we can get your harness repaired and back in the water. Thanks!
Rob Responds
Hello Hollis,
I sent an email from your website outlining the same info.Here’s my set-up;
Twin 98’s on a Hollis steel plate, with the wing (85BAC) bag over that then the harness over that. I use brass wing-nuts and stainless 2″ washers to keep the grommets from separating from the kit.I’ve asked two Hollis suppliers (here in canada) and neither of them are aware of these ‘HTS stabilizer plates” or at least they were not notified by the Hollis rep at the point of sale, to whom which I have a few choice words to unleash.On your website there is only the HTS2 and NO MENTION of the HTS stabilizer plates until you dig down into the accessories. I would think that something this vitally important would have a place on your HTS page on your website. Please consider making this change.

Please contact me as to how you would like me to proceed on this matter.

Best regards,

Rob Follows Up (September 7th, 2012)

Upon further investigation, those HTS stabilizer plates are shown to be used when no back plate is being used. as far I can find, there is no indication that I should be using those plates with a backplate.


I should mention that Hollis resolved this issue more than satisfactorily for my friend. It is great to see companies standing behind their products even for someone purchasing the product used without access to the instructions.



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